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Additional Programs

Here at Shogun, we offer the following programs regularly, and are sure they will keep you interested, and wanting to know more, on top of regular classes. Get involved, meet new people, further expand on your knowledge of martial arts!  Keep a lookout for our next events!

  • Seminars -- In addition to our normal classes, we offer MMA and BJJ seminars of the following categories that not only focus on skill, but also expanding your experience and knowledge from many different perspectives and styles. All members are encouraged to attend! 

    • In-House Seminars​

    • Guest-Instructor Taught Seminars

    • Off-Site Seminars

  • Kids Fun Nights -- We host a monthly-themed "Kids Fun Night" where the kids are involved in fun, exciting games where they meet new friends, or hang out with current ones, all while the parents have a nice, quiet night to themselves.

  • Buddy Week -- Every month, we host a "Buddy Week" where current students can bring in a "Buddy" (any non-member; excluding family) to try out a class! That student gets to be their one-on-one coach, and help coach them throughout the intense, riveting class.

For more information, or other information not listed above, please click the button below.

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