Youth Martial Arts Programs

Our youth martial arts programs are for children of all ages, including teens, and teach practical self defense skills along with character development.  We focus on mental as well as physical skills in order to make children more confident and less likely to be a target of bullying.  Martial arts training helps children learn how to set goals and develop the self discipline needed to be successful in school and throughout life.  

Youth Striking Arts Programs

Our striking arts programs for children and teens incorporate skills from muay thai kickboxing, boxing, and karate in a fun but challenging learning environment. Classes are structured in order to develop physical fitness and coordination as well as focus and self discipline.  

Youth Brazilian Jiu jitsu 

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is one of the fastest growing martial arts in America, and is great for kids of all ages.  While learning practical self defense skills, our students learn how to set goals and overcome obstacles all while having fun and getting fit!