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Dojo Etiquette

Gym Rules

  1. Treat partners, guests, coaches, and staff how you want to be treated. Bullying or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated, and has repercussions. 

  2. Respect the facility, gym equipment, furniture, and clean up after yourself. Repeat offenders will have their memberships revoked. 

  3. Absolutely no training while sick or with any rashes or skin infections. Hair, skin, nails, and body must be clean prior to training. 

Practice Room Etiquette

  1. No jumping guard, no knee wrestling, and no heel hooks in the gi. All levels ARE allowed and encouraged to SAFELY utilize heel hooks in no-gi. 

  2. Take into consideration age, size, physical limitations, experience levels and adjust your pace and pressure accordingly. Anyone can turn down a roll with anyone else for any reason. 

  3. No sitting out and resting for the sole purpose of being fresh against fatigued partners. If you are sitting out a round, please move to the edge of the mat or to the benches/chairs so people rolling have space. 

  4. Parents, please refrain from coaching your children from the seating area. 

  5. Belts; at the end of the day, rank is only a representation of your progress relative to your potential. There is no hierarchy on our mats due to belt colors. 

  6. Gis, belts, clothes, and all other training equipment must be washed after every practice. You will be asked to sit out if you don’t have clean gear. 

  7. You must wear a second layer under your gi pants/shorts, no exceptions. Rash Guard or shirt should be worn under your gi in all classes. 

  8. No street shoes on the mat. You must wear shoes/sandals in restrooms. 

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