Kids Striking classes:

Tues/Thursday - 4-6 yr olds 4:30pm

                               - 7yrs old and up 5pm

Friday- 4:30pm

Saturday- 9:30am

Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu:

4-7yr old's- Mon./Fri. - 4:30pm, Wed.- 4:15

8-13 yr old's- Mon. 5pm, Wed.- 5:15pm

Saturday 9:30am 8yrs old and up

Adult Striking Classes:

Mon. through Thurs. - 6pm

Wed. is open sparring/ drilling class 6:15pm  

Friday- 5:30pm combat conditioning 

Mon. & Thurs. -8am

Saturday- 8:30am

Adult Brazilian Jiu Jitsu:

Mon. through Thurs. 7pm

Tues- Thurs 9:30am

Saturday 10:30am marathon roll 


Tues. - 7:00pm Women's Only BJJ class